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Singapore Polytechnic

15 Aug 2018 (Wed) 1900 – 2030 hrs Options to Build your Retirement Income

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Singapore Polytechnic, Room – T1A33
18 Aug 2018 (Sat) 0900 hrs – 1200 hrs Major Financial Products / Financial Habits and Behaviours

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Singapore Polytechnic, LT12A
12 Sep 2018 (Wed) 1900 hrs – 2030 hrs Buying a Home within your means

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Singapore Polytechnic, Room – TBC
15 Sep 2018 (Sat) 0930 hrs – 1200 hrs Give Your Child Money Sense

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Singapore Polytechnic, LT12A


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National Library

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22 Sept 2018 (Sat) 1400 hrs – 1530 hrs Assessing Your Retirement Income Cheng San Public Library
17 Nov 2018 (Sat) 1330 hrs – 1500 hrs Beware Of Scams Bukit Batok Public Library (Activity Room)
25 Nov 2018 (Sun) 1400 hrs – 1700 hrs Introduction To Personal Investing Bishan Public Library
8 Dec 2018 (Sat) 1400 hrs – 1530 hrs Managing CPF Money For Your Retirement Cheng San Public Library